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LDI 2012 - The world debut of the Angle Light

We just returned from LDI 2012 in Vegas where we debuted our new "Angle Light Wireless Highlight System" to the world. For those of you that have never heard of LDI... LDI is the world's largest event lighting/technology trade show. Hundreds of companies that specialize in the lighting, sound, projection and support segments of the entertainment industry choose to debut their newest products and innovations there. Thousands of professionals visit from all over the world to get a first-hand look at the newest technologies and meet the people responsible for developing cutting edge new capabilities.

We are proud to say the show was a huge success for us. Not only did we get a chance to meet some truly talented people, but the over-the-top positive feedback we received about the quality, function, design and creative thinking behind the Angle Light was beyond anything we could have imagined. To see so many faces light up when we went through the features and concept of the Angle Light was just amazing. Watching a whole new wave of inspiration come over people as they realized the full potential of a totally wireless highlight system was a surreal experience.

After all of the great feedback the weekend was not over yet. We still had the industry awards to attend in hopes that we would/could be recognized as one of this years most innovative lighting products.  Now, to try and explain the gravity of the moment here is how it all happens... You have to inform the LDI judging panel of a new lighting product that is debuting at LDI for the first time. Once the show begins, the panel of judges individually visit your booth without telling you who they are and look at the product you have developed. From all the products that are new they collectively vote on this years most innovative product.

So how did we do?... Well, something happened that is unheard of. The lighting category is HUGE. It's like the Emmy's when they announce the top award at the end of the night. To even be considered one of the top is extremely difficult to achieve. So when they went to announce the winner, they as a panel of judges decided to do something they never do... have more than one winner, and mention more than one company. They said it was simply too difficult to pick one top product because each were so influential and unique. So they decided each company and product had to be mentioned separately. 

So they continued to say... "First... we would like to recognize FUEL Lighting Systems for developing the "Angle Light Wireless Highlight System"... It is truly an elegant, beautifully designed, well thought-out and innovative light system". "Congratulations on such an achievement". 

Ok.... what did I just hear? I just about fell on the floor! This is our first year at LDI, and our first product we have developed and launched, so it is difficult to imagine what i just heard! Everything after that was a blur... can't remember a thing for at least a minute.

From there they announced the two top winners... Clay Paky for their industry changing "Sharpy" moving light fixture, and ETC... for updating their Source Four spot light to include an LED version. Both of these companies are at the leading edge of innovation affecting the entire globe in respect to new lighting technologies and capabilities.

We are humbled and honored to be selected as one of the top three companies in 2012 to develop a new lighting innovation that is changing the landscape of the event world. It was a dream of mine that someday I would be able to contribute to the innovative thinking of the event lighting industry and it is amazing we were able to stand out above so many truly great new products. Being in the top three, we were standing along side two of the world leaders in the industry and that by itself is an honor to say the least.

A special thanks to the LDI judging panel for recognizing and believing in our new vision for the lighting industry. It is only the beginning of a new wave of innovations that will create unique lighting possibilities and exciting new designs that will continue to transform the look and feel of many amazing events for years to come.

Check back soon for exciting additions to our portfolio such as the upcoming "Penda-Light" System... The industries first wireless pendent light.

Paul Therrien (Systems Developer)