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Welcome to FUEL Lighting Systems

Today is an extremely exciting day for us here at FUEL Lighting Systems.

Today is the day we introduce to the world a new way of thinking. Not only are we launching our newly developed "Angle Light" Wireless Highlight System, we are asking you to open your minds to an entirely different way of approaching each venue/event you light. 

As you begin to read about the FUEL Lighting philosophy and why we developed the Angle Light System, you will begin to understand how this new lighting concept is about to alter the way events are envisioned, designed and experienced.

On the surface, the "Angle Light System" is presented as the world's first wireless highlight system. At the very least, from a lighting standpoint it takes the place of the standard "Pin-Spot" lighting that has been used for many years to project at mirror balls and light table centerpieces.This alone would be enough to get excited about. If you have ever seen the process of pin-spotting many tables with lights mounted to the ceiling of venues, connected together with thousands of feet of power and control cable, you understand how amazing it is to realize all that cable clutter and set-up time is no longer needed.

Looking past the ability of the Angle Light to replace the traditional pin-spot in regards to lighting, what makes the concept of this new system so special? Why are we asking you to open your minds to a new way of thinking? To understand the full concept and value of the System you have to look at the background of what we are changing and what opportunities we can "create" with this new innovation.

Let's compare... With a traditional Pin-Spot System, lighting 40 centerpieces with 2 lights per table, you will need a small team of techs that will start fairly early in the day to insure they are in place well before the rest of the vendors have arrived, such as the florists etc. With traditional lights you will be transporting hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds of lights, road cases, power cable, heavy duty air-wall track clamps, dimming systems, control boards, tape to secure wire down, and don't forget the rental of the lifts to raise people and lights to the venue ceiling. And by the way, you need a fairly large truck to get all this gear to the venue, so add this in the mix of huge expenses.

In contrast... To achieve the same result with the Angle Light System, you will need to transport 4 cases of 20 lights, each weighing about 30 pounds, and one ladder will do since the fixtures are so light weight. No lift needed! One box of "snap" clips for the air-wall track, or if possible, attach direct magnetically to the ceiling with the light itself. And that's it, go park your car so you can start setting up! (no need for a truck since the cases are so light and small). One or two techs will be fine, and no need to show up 10 hours early since it will only take you about and hour to get the lights in place and just a few minutes to focus when the centerpieces are placed.

This true-to-life scenario is just scraping the surface of what we are trying to explain as a "new way of thinking". Imagine for a second how this will change the way many of you structure your staffing, transportation needs, interactions with the venue and other vendors, competitive price points you can offer etc. Imagine how you can adapt this lighting concept and capability to many different venues and then watch the market around you expand 50 fold as you find endless ways in-which you can adapt the "Angle Light" into each new space. For some of you, it will allow new companies to form launching your career in a totally new direction. In short, everything... is about to change!

We will keep you up to date as we develop and launch new adapters and tools to help you integrate the Angle Light System into more venues and events. It will be an exciting ride that we are proud to be part of. We look forward to getting to know many great event professionals that will invest in this new capability and grow with us. You can look forward to many great additions to our family of light systems, we have some amazing concepts that will follow the Angle Light we are sure you will be equally excited about.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first post and getting to know us a little bit. Check back often for more updates, images and info regarding our newest lighting innovations.


Paul Therrien ( Lighting Designer / Principal Light Developer )