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Angle Light Now Available!

After months of waiting for the final revision to be ready, we are now shipping our new Angle Light fixtures. As in many manufacturing cases with a new product, it is ramping up slowly but we are moving along great.

We are so excited to finally begin shipping units to companies across the country. There are so many development stages that will happen over the coming months. The Angle Light System is just that... a new "system" and way of doing something. It is more than a light, it is a completely new way to highlight events with new capabilities never before seen. and as with anything new, to make the most of it's capabilities requires us to create supporting "tools" to help integrate the system into your world, and for you to take a new look at each space you work in to see how you can best utilize it in unique ways.  

The ability to connect, adapt and integrate the Angle Light System into different venues and settings will be inspiring. All at once this new system eliminates physical, mental and creative roadblocks in terms of transporting, set-up, controlling, focusing, and even the aesthetic look of the lights themselves. You will soon realize a new ability to create complex lighting designs that are affordable to clients (or simply more profitable) due to the transportation, labor, etc being so completely different than a traditional pin-spot system would need. In essence, everything is about to change... everything!

Version one of the Angle Light is just the beginning. This is not a one shot concept. This is the start point of a new series of lights that will change the direction of what is expected and requested from clients, planners and even the venue itself. We already have in development supporting light fixtures that will be perfect extensions of the Angle Light, as well as a larger version of the Angle Light that will have other purposes. The great thing is they will all match.... all use the same remote system, charging system etc. 

Thank you for being so patient while we were fine-tuning the design of the system. We are so happy to say you now have access to this new technology and fully expect that some of you will build an entire lighting design business around these new capabilities.  At the very least, you are about to demonstrate something in your market that has never been seen before, and that alone will spark a whole new wave of excitement in the event world. 

Thanks again everyone, I hope you enjoy owning the Angle Light System as much as we enjoyed developing it!

Paul Therrien (Systems Developer)

FUEL Lighting Systems