IR Remote Controls

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This Custom IR Remote Control was designed specifically for the Angle Light, Angle Light WASH, Penda-Light and DaCore Fixtures.

This custom remote comes in 2 different power levels...

Standard IR - The Standard IR Remote has a powerful IR emitter giving you a line-of-site range of approx. 200 feet. The ability to control fixture on a ceiling 30 feet up is no problem.

SUPER IR Technology - The newly developed SUPER IR technology more than doubles the IR range giving you approx. 500 feet of control distance. This incredible IR power gives you the ability to penetrate through surfaces such as paper lanterns and plastic decor pieces you may install our unique Penda-Light and DaCore fixtures into. It also bounces off more surfaces such as walls and ceilings reaching more fixtures at greater distances. It is still a line-of-site system but with vastly greater range giving you more creative options than ever before.

No Interference - Our systems have their own custom IR channel so they do not interfere with other IR systems used by other lighting and AV products in the world.

Control - This unique remote allows you to control the intensity of each light as well as choose which of the 4 channels you are controlling at any one time. Each fixture has a 4 channel selector switch that matches the 4 channel buttons on the remote. All you have to do is set the fixture(s) to a specific channel, and then press the corresponding channel button on the remote to activate it, and then select your desired intensity.