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Welcome to a Modular LED World... 

The FUEL SuperSpot is a beautifully designed "Modular" Spotlight System that utilizes our revolutionary Power-Link ONE and Power-Link MINI Modules along with a series of magnetic interchangeable Light Engines that can be customized with your choice of LED Color. Color Options such as Warm-White 2700 and 3000 Kelvin, and Cool White 4000 and 5000 Kelvin are offered.

MODULAR is at the heart of the SuperSpot - The FUEL SuperSpot comes standard with a high color rendering 4 LED 3000K Light Engine. This cutting edge light engine is capable of projecting a stunningly bright beam of light that is nothing short of amazing to see. The size-to-brightness ratio of the SuperSpot is striking. For a fixture that you can hold in the palm of you hand it will no doubt make you wonder how is it possible so much light can come out of such a tiny fixture.

The Goal.... Limitless Versatility - The entire concept of the FUEL SuperSpot System was to make your investment as versatile as possible and making the Light Engine "Modular" was just the beginning. The entire SuperSpot fixture from end-to-end was intelligently designed to be extremely adaptable on many levels. 

Lets take a close look at this highly unique Modular System...


When you invest in the SuperSpot, you are also investing in our Power-Link System that runs and controls our FUEL Bulb.

The Power-Link Core, which is the main body of the SuperSpot, has 2 Power-Ports... one located on the front panel, and one at the end where the SuperSpot Light Engine connects.

The Super-Spot has a removable Collar System that allows you to then hang the Power-Link core above a traditional candelabra style Chandelier. This unique ability transforms your favorite plug-in chandelier into fully wireless, dimmable and remote control Chandelier. 

Here is the Power-Link CORE/ SuperSpot Body hanging in-line above a traditional Chandelier with the FUEL Bulb Installed...




When you are not powering your favorite Candelabra Chandelier you can transform the Power-Link Core back to a SuperSpot. 


With LEDs...Color and Quality matter...

With the SuperSpot System, you have ultimate control over projection power and color... The core concept behind the FUEL Modular System.

Quick installation of different Light Engines allow you to tailor the light output to your exact needs, without a compromise in brightness or light quality. Here is a breakdown of the options...

  • 2700K - Great for lighting Flowers, Skin Tones and Food Displays. the warmer 2700 color makes objects with color "pop"
  • 3000K ( Standard ) 3000K is a slightly more neutral Warm-White over 2700K that is perfect for everything from highlighting a ceremony to a full stage wash. It blends well with traditional Spotlights and is easily adapted to warmer or color tone with our color filter packs.
  • 4000K - To the eye, 4000K will appear as pure white. It is brighter than 3000K, especially if you color-correct 3000K to 4000K with a CTB filter, which will lower the output by approx. 30%. When you need a crisp white look, 4000K is perfect and it is very bright since you do not need a Color Filter...  Maximum brightness and color control is the concept behind our Modular Light Engines.
  • 5000K - To the eye this will appear to be super-white. It will appear to be more bluish/white than the 4000K, which makes it a good source for video shoots that are trying to match the 5600K sources they already use. 5000K is not recommended for decor such as flowers and food due the way it skews your perception of color on those items, but may be the perfect color for video and photo shoots that balance with flash and video lights. In comparison, if you color corrected 3000K to 5000K you would lose approx. 60+ percent of the output from the 3000K Light Engine... Choosing the correct LED color for your needs vastly improves output and color quality.


Here are the specs and feature list of the FUEL SuperSpot System...

  • Super-Bright Output - Approx 1400 Lumens
  • High-Grade Lithium Rechargeable Battery System
  • Full Dimming Capability and Remote Control
  • Runtime at Full Intensity as a SuperSpot or Power-Link Wireless Chandelier...
    • Power-Link ONE Body - 10 Hours
    • Power-Link Mini Body -  .65 Hours
  • Power-Link and SuperSpot Light Engine are made from Milled or Extruded Aluminum with durable Powder-Coat and/or Anodized Finishes
  • Super-Spot Light Engines are available is 2700K, 3000K 4000K and 5000K versions. Choosing the correct Light Engine COLOR is critical if brightness of output needs to be as high as possible. 
  • Super-Spot Fixture can be transformed into a Power-Link Wireless Chandelier System with a few inexpensive components... The Power-Link Harness, AC adapter and FUEL Bulb.
  • 4 Channel IR Control - You have the unique ability to create 4 individual groups by selecting which group A,B,C,D you would like to use. This allows your SuperSpot to dim separate of your Chandelier System
  • Charging System - 
  • Compact and Light Weight - 
    • Power-Link ONE with Light Engine Attached - 8.75" x 3" x 3" , 3.7 Pounds
    • Power-Link Mini  with Light Engine Attached - 6.0" x 3" x 3",  2.5 Pounds

Charging System Options

We have 2 levels of chargers, "Standard" and "Fast", available to help streamline your work flow.

The SuperSpot is available with the Power Link ONE and Power Link Mini Body. The standard charger is capable of charging the PL Mini Body in approx. 5 hours. The PL ONE Body would take 10 hours with the standard charger, or 5 with the FAST Charger.

All FUEL products are designed to work together in terms of recharge times. If your goal is to have all of your FUEL systems recharge in the same 4-5 hours then you would need the FAST charger with the Power Link ONE Body to maintain that workflow. The "Standard" charger does in-fact work great with the PL ONE Body, it is simply slower.

NOTE!! We do not recommend the FAST charger for the Power Link Mini Body. While this charger is not harmful to this fixture and will in fact charge it, the FAST charger does not provide an optimal full charge or maximum runtime performance for this fixture. This is why the standard charger is the recommended charger for the Power Link Mini Body.