FUEL Profile v1 All-in-One Fixture



 Special Offer until supplies run out!

We have a select few Profile v1 Kits available. These were never sold. They were assembled and tested in-house so they may have a mark on the yoke where a clamp was attached.

24 - 6 Hour and 6 - 10 Hour Units available first come first serve. 

Please Note - These have 6500K Light Output.

The System Kit consists of the following..

- 6 or 10 Hour Profile with 16, 24 and 50 degree Lenses

- 14 Volt Standard Charger

- Gobo Holder ( Standard "E" Size )

- Variable Diffuser

- Standard IR Remote

- 16, 24 and 50 Degree Lenses

- Variable Diffusion Accessory

- Framing Shutters



General Specs…

Dimensions - 14.5" x 3" 

Weight - 5.5 Pounds

Run-Time  - 6 or 10 Hours Hours at full Intensity

Recharge Cycles-

All FUEL products utilize the highest grade Lithium Battery Systems available. You should expect with proper maintenance, care and understanding of your system, to get years of use from your system.

Surface Finishes

Both Profile versions are coated with a durable white powder coat finish and Clear Anodized Surfaces.

Optics -

16 ( standard), 24 and 50 degree lens can be swapped out as needed.


All FUEL products share the same control system. You can purchase either a "Standard" or "Super" IR Expanded Dimming Remote, or if you have already invested in our systems you can utilize the same remote you already have.

NOTE!! - You do not need a remote to simply turn on the fixture. Direct access to different intensities are controlled via the rotary switch on the back of the fixture.


If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us to ensure you configure your system to best fit your needs.