FUEL Circle Clamp

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Introducing the Revolutionary FUEL Circle Clamp

The FUEL Circle Clamp ushers in a new way of thinking and working in Aluminum Keder Track Tents. 

Designed to vastly speed up and make safer the process of installing FUEL wireless fixtures, as well as different types of decor elements that work with our Penda-Light and DaCore wireless light bulbs systems... The FUEL Circle-Clamp totally streamlines the entire process making this a dream come true system.

The Goal - The goal for the Circle Clamp was to allow a single technician the ability to effortlessly install up to 4 Angle Light "Spot" Fixtures from the ground, safely, without ladders or lifts. Imagine for a moment the way this one innovation will change the entire design and planning process when working in tents with a Keder Type Track. Imagine the speed in-which you can now work in a venue that has always been a very complex and time consuming set-up.

Looks Matter - Why Circular? The innovative way of rotating the clamp to adjust the fingers to the tent width would make a normal square clamp look oddly positioned on the tent surface. When guests would look up they would see a series of square clamps that look all crooked along the tent tracks. To fix this odd design/visual issue, we came up with the circular shape so that it always looks perfect regardless of the tent size you had to adjust too. Just one more reason why FUEL products make a difference on every level you work, not just functionally better... visually better.

Revolutionary to say the least... When designing this Patent Pending System, we had to rethink the way in-which we connect to the tent track, keeping in mind both our wireless systems as well as the other decor pieces we want to install. To take a complex task and convert it into a simple and repeatable process seems almost impossible... but we got it done. This unique clamp can be installed by hand, if you choose to utilize a ladder, or you can learn the FUEL "way" and make it simple, safer and much more profitable by utilizing our Multi-Tool System which allows you to install each clamp from the ground up without the use of a lift or ladder. Now that's amazing!

Please Note!!! The Circle Clamp is the first of our clamps to utilize a NEW handle that locks into the Multi-Tool head. This secure handle system was designed to allow for horizontal movement of the pole and clamp as you install it, without it detaching from the magnetic pole tip. This new handle requires the use of a new adapter that mounts to the Multi-Tool Head which fits this new handle.

The components you will need for this Clamp System to be used with our Multi-Tool System is...

1. Multi-Tool POLE

2. New V-2 Handle Adapter

 3. Circle Clamps


Clamp Specs -


1. Surface Dimensions - 8 Inch Circle

2. Material - Powder Coated Steel

3. Weight - 3.1 Pounds