Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture

Dual-Beam Wireless Fixture



Dual-Beam - Battery Powered Umbrella & Wall Sconce Light System.

Unique in Every Way - The Dual-Beam Light Fixture has a Patent Pending Dual LED Design that projects light in two opposite directions. This innovative lighting capability offers you a new series of lighting design options such as highlighting your Umbrella and Table Surface simultaneously with one small fixture. Our Dual-Beam Design creates a low glare, visually beautiful lighting effect that effortlessly blends into any Professional or Residential setting.

Light Quality First - Designed for both Professional and Residential use, the Dual-Beam utilizes the highest quality Professional Warm-White LED's that project a beautiful 2700 Kelvin ( incandescent ) soft light. This level of high quality light makes architectural elements and settings look warm, beautiful and inviting. For Restaurants... Food displays will look rich in color and have a visually appealing esthetic that will compliment the quality of every dish you serve. 

For even more creativity we include 5 Color Filters that convert the 2700K light output to warmer colors that are soothing and comforting in dimly lit spaces. If you love the warm color of a fire, or a soft romantic amber glow, you will love the warmer tones you can create with our Color Filters!

Beyond Versatile - The Dual Beam Fixture is a brilliant multi-use Light System.  Each Fixture comes standard with a Pole Clip for Umbrellas, as well as a Magnetic Wall Mount Plate that transforms each fixture into a wireless Wall Sconce.

Imagine for a moment the incredible versatility the Dual Beam offers... You can quickly transfer your fixture from outdoor settings to your indoor living spaces, creating a wireless Sconce capable of highlighting walls in your Home Theatre, Apartment, Living Room, Dorm Room or even your screened in Patio or Pool areas. NO Wiring, no Electrician, no structural modifications to your space. Simply Amazing!

Rechargeable Lithium Battery - For ultimate reliability, we utilize the world's best rechargeable Lithium Battery Cells to insure you have years of uninterrupted and reliable use. We specialize in Event Lighting Systems that need to perform perfectly at every event and the Dual-Beam System is part of our Event Lighting Series. We expect you should achieve at least 600 recharges if cared for properly before a pack may need updating.

Single Light Kit -

  • 1 Dual-Beam Fixture ( Black or White Body Color Options )
  • 1 Battery Charger
  • 1 Umbrella Clip ( w/2 screws )
  • 1 Magnetic Wall Mount Plate ( w/ Command Strip )
  • 10 Color Filters ( 8 Warming, 2 White )
  • 4 Diffusion Lenses - ( 2 Wide Angle Low Glare, 2 Extra Wide Angle )

2 Light Kit Special Offer - Perfect for Wall Sconce Designs!

  • 2 Dual-Beam Fixtures ( Black or White Body Color Options )
  • 2 Battery Chargers
  • 2 Umbrella Clips ( w/2 screws )
  • 2 Magnetic Sconce Wall Mount Plates ( w/ Command Strip )
  • 20 Color Tuning Filters (16 Warming, 4 White )
  • 8 Diffusion Lenses - (4 Wide Angle Low Glare, 4 Extra Wide Angle )
  • 10 Vivid Color Filter Pack ( Pink, Violet, Green, Yellow, Red, and more ) 
  • IR Remote Control


Additional Accessories Available for Purchase  - 

  • Remote Control - ( Standard-IR or Super-IR Available )
  • Transport Case ( Holds 10 Fixtures. ) 
  • Transport Tray ( Holds 10 Fixtures for Restaurant Use )
  • Charging Rack ( Holds 20 Fixtures in Trays while Charging Fixtures )
  • Custom Power Strip ( Holds 10 Chargers for easy plug-in )
  • Color Filter Pack - 20 Color Filters ( 10 Colors ) to experiment with such as Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Rose Pink and Red.

 Dual-Beam Fixture Specs - 

  • Dimensions - 2.5" wide x 5.5" long
  • Weight - Fixture only = 11.6 ounces
  • Body Construction - ABS Plastic
  • LED Color and CRI Rating-  2700K, 80-85CRI Minimum
  • Battery Runtime - 7 Hours at Full Intensity, 18 hours at 50% Setting ( Fully Dimmable for extra long hours)
  • Battery Type - Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
  • Charging Time - 4 hours if fully depleted
  • Mounting Options - Pole Clip ( Included ), Magnetic Wall Mount  ( Included )
  • Diffusion Lenses to Widen Beam - 50 degree "Low Glare" - 80 Degree Wide Angle ( This adds on top of the native 22degree mentioned below )
  • Native Beam Spread - ( Without any Diffusion Lenses Installed ) 22 Degree hotspot, 60 Degree Full Field Beam. 


Dual-Beam Instruction Packet - Click to VIEW or Print