Cross-Mag Mount Cross-Mag Mount Cross-Mag Mount Cross-Mag Mount Cross-Mag Mount

Cross-Mag Mount



This unique magnet was designed to mount onto the end of our Angle Light Fixture, allowing it to be securely attached to drop ceilings used throughout the world.



This magnet increases the stability and holding power of our Angle Light fixture so you can utilize our Multi-Tool Focus System to "remote" focus the light head to any position needed.


Considered one of the most powerful magnets ever made for drop ceilings, the Cross-Mag Mount has enough pull power to also be used to hang acrylic chandeliers that utilize our Penda-Light and DaCore Fixtures, as well as ceiling drape systems. This is a very versatile well designed magnet assembly that has many uses. 


Safety Note !!  Pull force ( Holding power ) on a steel plate has been tested at 120 pounds, but the thickness of the steel surface as well as the stability of the surface can greatly affect holding power and safety. ALWAYS test and check surfaces before attempting to hang elements of different sizes and weight.