Battery Charging Bays

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This custom Charging Bay is designed to charge our Angle Light, Angle Light WASH, Penda-Light and DaCore fixtures.

Created as a wall-mount bay, it can be configured with 10 or 20 individual chargers mounted directly to a sturdy aluminum plate. The bay includes a custom power-strip allowing it to be powered by one outlet.

Each individual charger on the mounting plate features an LED indicator light that glows red when charging and green once the fixture has reached a full charge. Simply mount the charging bay, plug in the power-strip, and insert chargers into the charging port of any Angle Light, Penda-Light or DaCore fixture. It's that simple. 

With 10 or 20 lights neatly charging at one time, clutter is no longer an issue. Its sleek design allows you to easily mount it at the office and if needed can be packed and ready for transport in your favorite road case. 


Specs and ordering Levels...


Angle Light SPOT, Penda-Light and DaCore 

10 Light Charging Bay - Dimensions 27" x 9" x 2" Weight 9lbs 

20 Light Charging Bay - Dimensions: 48" x 9" x 2" Weight: 17lbs


Angle Light WASH ONLY

6 Angle Light WASH Bay - Dimensions 27" x 12" x2" Weight 14lbs 

12 Angle Light WASH Bay - Dimensions 48" x 12" x 2" Weight 21lbs