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Introducing the remarkable new Angle Light "Zoom"

The Angle Light "Zoom" is the newest wireless Pin-spot in the FUEL Series of battery powered spot lights.  A highly refined version of our original Spot fixture the has some key new features to further refine your entire workflow and design process.




What you get when purchasing individual Fixtures...

The Angle Light "Zoom" Fixture ( 4-20 deg variable beam size )

One "Color-Tuning" Filter Pack ( Allows you to fine-tune the hue of the beam with 9 very soft pastels)

5 & 10 deg Diffusion Lens ( Works together with the "Zoom" feature to soften the edge of the beam )

One Power-Plug ( Used to maintain battery charge when storing fixtures

One Magnetic Buffer Pad ( Used when attaching fixture to sensitive surfaces )


Here are a list of features that make the Angle Light "Zoom" the industry's most refined system...

4-15 deg Zoom Range

Low Glare 4deg Beam

2700K Warm White Light & Flicker-Free Light Output

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

14 Hours of Runtime at Full Intensity

Super Powerful Magnetic Base

Ball & Joint Gooseneck

Remote Control


All Metal Anodized Body and Head

Weighs Only 19 ounces

Tiny 8.5” x 1.5” Size