Angle Light Wing Plate

Angle Light Wing Plate



This made-to-order mounting plate is designed to hold 4 Angle Light fixtures in a horizontal position. The ends are bent back allowing the 2 end lights more room for the head to be positioned at different angles without coming in contact with the 2 center fixtures. 

Made out of 12 gauge steel, this plate is coated with a durable gray powder coat finish. The plate has a 8.5mm center mounting hole that can accommodate different types of clamps ( not included ) that allow you to attach to various pipes or stands. The American DJ "O" Clamp is one such clamp that works great, as well as simple pipe clamps you can find at Home Depot for .69 cents. 

If this size does not fit your needs, it can be modified to fit different shapes and lengths. Please call or email for more information.