Angle Light WASH (v2)

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Please Note -This page is for the WASH fixture only. Supporting components such as the remote and charging systems sold on separate pages.


Introducing the Angle Light "WASH"... The second innovative wireless spotlight in the FUEL "System".



The Angle Light WASH was recently honored with the prestigious LDI 2013 "Debuting Product of the Year" Award.. as part of the innovative FUEL series of wireless lights and systems.

The Angle Light WASH is an exciting new category of wireless LED soft-spot that was designed as a perfect companion to the original Angle Light narrow-beam spotlight. With its 3-LED array, wireless control, and powerful rechargeable lithium battery system... the Angle Light WASH ushers in a new level of wireless lighting capability sure to reshape the event and hospitality industries.

At the forefront of the Design... The Angle Light WASH has a powerful 3-LED LIght Engine that has been finely tuned to be the perfect soft spot. Unlike many types of wash fixtures that flood/spill light into unintended areas, the Angle Light WASH was designed to work side-by-side with the Angle Light to illuminate very specific areas without causing unwanted glare. Its 15deg light beam has a super smooth field with the perfect soft edge. No harsh beam, just beautifully soft, well controlled light. 

Here are some additional details and highlights that make the Angle Light WASH a very special fixture...


- Industries first wireless warm-white "soft-spot".

- Custom 3-LED Light Engine for a smooth well controlled light beam.

- Unique 4 channel fixture grouping system.

- Fully dimmable Control ( Flicker-Free driver coming soon! )  

- Custom solid aluminum light head perfect for keeping the LEDs cool.

- Flexible yet highly positionable ball-&-joint gooseneck. 

- Custom extruded anodized aluminum main body.

- Custom ultra-high-grade rechargeable lithium battery system.

- Custom ultra-high-power magnetic mounting system.

- 10 Hours of reliable run-time at full intensity... 19 hours when set to 70%

- Uses same remote system as the Angle Light, Penda-Light and DaCore.

- Weighs in at 3.4 pounds. Less than most standard plug-in pin-spots.

- Dimensions - 2.75"w x 2.75"w x 8.5"L

- 2700K warm-white light output. (Other Kelvin temps available)

- Easy snap-in diffusion lenses and color filters to shape/color the beam.