Battery Chargers

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These single charging units are designed specifically for FUEL Products.


Please order the correct charger for your system...

Safety Note - Please choose and utilize the proper charging system for your fixtures. Do not attempt to use a third party charger or the wrong size charger for a fixture it was not designed for. Damage can occur causing a battery fire, and/or blown main boards that void your warranty.


Charging Time - If the battery in any of our fixtures would be fully discharged it will return the battery to its fully charged state in approx. 4.5 hours. 

Suggestion... You should order these in groups based on how you are using your system. If you want the fastest possible turn-around, then a one-to-one ratio is best. ( 20 lights and 20 chargers ) If speed is not critical, you can create banks of them on the wall such as a 10 bank, and simply charge 10 at a time.