Angle Light Single Install Tool


Please Note - This page is for the Single Install Tool ONLY. You will need a Multi-Tool POLE and Focus Head to complete the system which you can find on its own product page.

Revolutionary - The Angle Light "Single Light Install Tool" is a precision made custom mounting system that allows a single Angle Light Fixture to be lifted, installed, and removed from steel surfaces. 




Your ability to work in spaces that have steel surfaces at various angles and heights is now a reality. With our Multi-Tool Pole, Single Install Tool, and Focus Head, you can install a fixture up to 22 feet in the air, and then focus that fixture from the ground... all without lifts or ladders.

Work faster and safer while save money...  Imagine for a moment the impact this amazing system has on workflow, safety and speed of set-up. Imagine the savings it allows when you can skip the rental of the lift and quickly install from the ground up. What used to take hours and multiple techs, now takes minutes with one tech while never stepping on a ladder. Truly amazing on many levels!


A Special Safety Note - Even though we have engineered all of our systems to be easy and safe to use, we highly advise you learn the "technique" of using our unique mounting systems, and carefully and throughly check the steel surface you are attaching. Understanding the dynamic and magnetic forces you are applying to the surface where the light is attached is critical for safety. 


Here are some safety points to remember...


1. Do not "try" attaching fixtures to steel surfaces you are not sure of. Details such as the thickness of the metal surface or how well that surface is attached to the ceiling is very important to know and understand. Our magnets are very powerful and can do damage if underestimated. Doing a site/surface check with a small magnet will allow you to plan all future events properly when using this system.


2. As with any new system, the "technique" of installing and removing single magnetic fixtures on surfaces such as ceilings or I-Beams, will require training and practice. It is critical the technician has learned and tested the technique in a safe environment to understand the way in which the fixture is best installed and removed. We can provide training over the phone or via videochat if needed.


3. The Multi-Tool Pole is strong but at extended lengths will become more flexible. Test and learn the system by extending the pole at different lengths to understand the way in-which distance, angle, and pole flexibility changes the tactile feel of the fixture connecting and disconnecting from the surface. What is easy at 12 feet away may be a challenge at 20 feet so learn both extremes for maximum safety and ease of installing.


4. Please call or email us if you need assistance in any way with questions, training or advise. Your safety is our number one priority. The fact that you need no ladders or lifts does make set-up much safer and many times faster, but it is critical that you follow strict guidelines so unnecessary accidents do not occur