Angle Light "Focus & Multi-Tool" System

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The story behind the industry's first "Remote Mounting & Focus" Tool...



 At the core of the "Angle Light" Concept is our custom Mounting and Focusing System -  The entire thought process when developing the Angle Light was the ability to move the head in any direction at any time. Unlike a yoke that you see on many track light fixtures which requires two movements (X and Y) to position the light head, the Angle Light was designed with a ball-and-joint gooseneck that allows you to move in any direction with a single movement. 



This unique gooseneck then allowed us to create what we call "remote positioning", which is the ability to reach the light head from up to 22' away, totally eliminating the need for ladders and lifts to focus the beam onto objects such as floral arrangements and food stations.

The goal... Make mounting and focusing so fast and easy that you could install lights in minutes - not hours - and within just a few seconds each light could be focused to the exact spot you need. Complex multi-tech set-ups with many hours installing traditional pin-spots can be totally eliminated. The stress of a last second shift in table position would be erased with this new system... even up to a few minutes or seconds before doors open.

Here is where the investment of the Angle Light comes together as a complete "Concept"... Introducing the FUEL Focusing & Multi-Tool System


The Multi-Tool Pole was designed for our custom clamps to magnetically attach to the tip, allowing you to quickly and easily lift lights to existing pipe, air-wall tracks etc.

Imagine how this changes absolutely everything in regards to how you currently work and design events!


Once lights are installed, here is where the Focus Tool comes into the picture...



Exact positioning of light on everything from floral arrangements, food stations, podiums, high-top tables and even ceremony isles are easy and fast.


Here is one scenario below that is a realistic event timeline of how we utilize the system..


Timing - Event is from 6 -12 midnight

Job - Install 40 Angle Lights on Air-wall Track

Labor - One technician



Notice times in bold...

Step 1 - 3:00PM Arrive at Venue Ballroom

Step 2 - 3:05PM Open Angle Light Cases

 - Begin by "clicking" 2 lights onto each Clamp

 - Attach the clamp with 2 lights attached onto the "Multi-Tool"

 - Raise Clamp and Lights to desired position

 - Tighten Clamp by rotating pole like you would with your hand

 - Bend and release pole from clamp leaving clamp in place

Step 3 - 3:07PM Repeat Step 2 until complete.

Step 3.5 - 3:45PM All Installed -Take a break and wait for everyone else to place florals etc.

Step 4 - 5:00PM when florist is done placing pieces.. Attach "Focusing Tool " to Multi-Tool tip

Step 5 - Reach up to each fixture and position head to exact position needed

Step 6 - 5:30 PM when all 40 lights are focused, rest until event is complete and reverse your steps.

Step 7 - At 12 midnight when event ends... Reach up to each clamp... loosen, lower and store lights.

Step 8 - 12:30 AM Ready to roll! Take your 2 cases of Angle Lights and case of clamps, get in your car and go home.