Angle Light Beam Shaping

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This is no normal "diffusion"... 

To maintain the brightest light beam, the Angle Light System deserves the best diffusion the optical industry has to offer. This special diffusion called " Holographic Diffusion" is better described as light "diversion" rather than diffusion. It doesn't simply spread light in all directions, it controls in a very exacting way how light is redirected. So what you get is a very controlled beam that is spread just the precise amount you want without the typical light spill you get with standard diffusion materials. 

Options are 5, 10, 20 & 30deg. Here is a break down of how you may use them with the Angle Light...


Sample Pack - The Sample Pack includes all 4 deg option to experiment with. Read below to learn more about each option.


5 Deg - The 5 degree option allows for a controlled soft edge but without the spill outside the center of the beam associated with typical diffusion. Adding 5 deg to your beam would be useful for food stations, podiums, art work, or in cases where the throw distance is within 20 feet but the object is wide.

10 Deg - This 10 degree option is designed for shorter throw applications where the goal is to use less lights on a wider area. If the Angle Light is placed very close to the object, 15 feet or less, you will find 10 deg to look nice on food stations, podiums, or any general area that a soft but still controlled beam is needed.

20 Deg - The 20 degree option is used when the throw distance is very short, less than 10 feet. The Angle Light is a single LED system so spreading the beam 20deg will see much dimmer so depending on your needs you will find that the distance you place the light will be the key factor in how well this option works. But in catering cases this may be a very good choice, or if the Angle Light is placed directly on the easel lighting art work this would be perfect.

30 Deg - The 30 degree option is great for very close range lighting such as when you are mounting the Angle Light to an easel to light art work. The beam is very soft and wide allowing you to light larger objects when the throw distance is short.