The entire FUEL product line is totally unique and unlike anything that has been available before. The fact that each light gives you a whole new capability is inspiring to say the least, so we made sure you had many great options and ways to build our systems into your world.




We created this page as a general guideline as to what you should consider when purchasing any of our systems, for further information please don't hesitate to get in touch directly.


Description and example of a 20 Light Package...


The Angle Light "Spot" was designed as a full replacement for a traditional pin-spot, and due to its small size, minimum 14 hour run time, and numerous ways it can be attached to venues, it vastly expands on the concept of highlighting elements at events such as florals, food stations etc.


1. Angle Lights - Some companies start with 20 fixtures as a base package due to the average size of a small event. Obviously many events could use 40, 60 or more lights, but this is a starter package for a small event.

For example, if an event has 10-20 dinner tables, you could allocate 1 fixture to highlight each centerpiece, or 2 if the centerpiece was larger and required 2 lights on 10 tables. This is a creative call if you need 1, 2 or even 3 lights on one object, but this is a good starting point when thinking of florals. Obviously food stations are different and may require more lights and/or diffusion to widen the beam to light more area with each fixture.


2. Chargers - All of our lights are battery powered, so you will need to determine how quickly you need to fully recharge your fixtures and have them ready to go out on another job. We recommend you create a charging BAY in your shop that is ready at all times to plug lights in. As a basic start point, we recommend a 2-1 ratio: 20 lights and 10 chargers. The Angle LIght takes 4-5 hours to charge if it is drained to zero power, so in one 8 hour work day you could charge all 20 light back to a full state. 

As you build your inventory of lights, this 2-1 ratio may not be needed since not all lights are out at once in many cases. If for example you owned 300 of our lights you may still only need 60 chargers on the wall to keep up with production. This is where you begin saving money on components since you would not need 300 chargers for 300 lights unless you are an extremely busy production house.


3. Remotes - Our Lights Systems are control wirelessly by an IR remote control. One remote can control an unlimited number of fixtures so in its base set-up you do not need more than one remote per job. However, as a general rule you should send a backup remote with each job, and if there are times that the system could be spread over parts of a venue with multiple technicians in different areas, then a remote for each of them is needed. 

For a 20 light package, consider the way you may spread your lights out over multiple events. If you can send 5 at one event, 2 at a second event, and the rest at a 3rd event then you need at least 6 remotes.


4. Connecting Plates and Clamps - The Angle Light, and Angle Light "WASH" have incredibly powerful magnetic ends that are designed to eliminate the need for a screw type attachment simply to mount. Our goal at all times is to directly attach or place the fixture into an event space without stands or clamps. But if needed we make a series of unique steel plates and clamps that allow you to quickly attach and detach the fixture, greatly speeding up the process of installing and removing the system from the venue.

Pipe clamps, pipe and drape clip plates, air-wall track clamps, and more are all available. This is where you can make your life a whole lot easier, and make your relationship with the venue and client take on a new meaning. How you connect the fixture translates to speed of set-up and clean designs. This translates to higher profit, lower labor, more options for the client to consider and more ways for the venue to light their space.


5. Diffusion and Color Filters - All of the FUEL products start as warm-white and can be tuned from there. The Angle Light for example starts as a 3-4 deg beam so if the area is wider such as a large centerpiece or even a food station, then maybe one of our 5deg or 10deg diffusion lenses would work best to spread light efficiently over the area.

Color is an important part of design, so the ability to add a pastel peach hue, or maybe a soft pink, blue or lavender can be really beautiful. Think high-top table with candles, pin-spotting with a pink hue. Very nice!


6. Transport Cases - Our Transport Cases are designed for durability and functionality. Made from solid aluminum, they are military grade, but have a refined look. The inside has a custom foam insert that hold fixtures in a particular way allowing the charging port to stay above the foam line. This makes it possible for you to flip the top open and simply plug in the fixtures from your wall charging bay without removing them. Clean, fast and looks great too.


Multi-Tool System - At the heart of the Angle Light concept is the Multi-Tool System. The Angle Light was designed in a very particular way, making it possible to invent a totally new method of installing, focusing and removing the system from ballrooms and event spaces. The concept behind the Angle Light is to eliminate the need for light stands and lifts whenever possible, greatly expand the number spaces you can easily install the fixture, and increase the the speed at which you can install and remove the system at each event.

The Multi-Tool is a interchangeable head system consisting of a magnetic tip pole that has the ability to hold different tools such as our focusing head and clamps. The ability to install lights in a few minutes to a ceiling up to 20 feet high, focus each light within seconds as the florists is placing centerpieces on tables, and then at the end of the night remove them from the ceiling within just a few more minutes is nothing short of astounding to see.

To say the Multi-Tool System completely changes the entire way that you work is an understatement!