About this page... The following images are courtesy of Boston Uplights. Even though these images include LED uplighting, FUEL Lighting does not currently offer any such light, we offer only the warm-white "Angle Light" System that is highlighting decor elements such as floral arrangements, furniture etc.



This image shows an early version of the Angle Light magnetically attached to the balcony railing of the hotel. Many hotels have steel architecture that provides perfect magnetic attach points for the Angle Light. We were able to pinspot 28 tables in less than 30 minutes since we had no light stands, cables, dimmers, or control boards to set up.


Here is the finished event... Notice the dots of light coming from the balcony edge? That throw distance is ranging from 15-30 feet. 15 feet when pointing straight down to a table, 30 feet to the center table you see here.

Here's an up-close shot... This table is close to the center of the room so the throw distance would be in the range of 20-25'. Notice the ability to keep light from spilling to the sides or back of the centerpiece? Notice the table surface... the look of the candles in regards to the reflection of light they add to the table is in no way affected by the pin-spotting happening just a few feet above it. This is the ultimate control we were striving for, allowing each element to work together, not wash each other out. 



Showing an early version of the Angle Light.... This shows the versatility of the magnetic mount. We were able to attach the Angle Light direct to the drop ceiling. Again, no light stands needed. This can be achieved in seconds with our Multi Tool System Pole and Single Install Tool!


Here is what we were lighting with the fixtures above. The lights were utilized as pinspots with no added diffusion. I have to admit it does not look too effective since the light coverage is not over the entire couch, but the look and feel on-site was much warmer and softer than we could photograph. We find that "accents" of light are more interesting and visually pleasing than trying to completely cover the area with a wash light. More intimate is the goal, especially since we can dim it down as the night goes on.



Prototype image showing an early version of the Angle Light magnetically attached to the chandelier in the hotel. It looked so clean it was impossible to tell we added it to the chandelier just for this event.


Here are the centerpieces that the fixtures above were lighting ...This particular client was very clear they wanted no clutter in the space. With the Angle Light, we had a zero "foot print" at this event. NO light stands, power cable or control boards needed. Super clean installs are just part of the amazing leap forward we achieved with the design of the Angle Light System.



This Image is the very first prototype of the Angle Light in a venue with super low 10' ceilings. The magnetic mounting of the light was perfect since we were able to take advantage of the venue's air conditioning grids. Amazing what is made of steel when you start looking for it!



This is also an early image when we were first offering the system at events. This particular venue had wooden sound that resembled shelves. We were able to mount the Angle Light direct to the shelf making it appear permanently attached. 


Here is the same space wide angle... This client wanted a wintry scene so the blue uplighting and high-contrast table settings were perfect.



We decided at this event to utilize the air wall track. As you can see, the fixture looks more like permanent track lighting than a fixture we installed for one event. Ceiling height is 20'.

This is the same event as above once it all came together. More below...

What we look for is as close to zero "spill" as possible. These look nice...

I'm not sure if we talked enough about the LED color of the Angle Light, but it is "tuned" to be a very pleasing warm/pinkish hue. It was designed to make colors such as this centerpiece look natural but vivid. Cameras will play games with the color "temperature" of the lights within the room, but let me tell you that this was an area we spent some serious time on when designing the system. We hope you like the pleasing warm-tone we developed.

After a color change in the uplighting....



This venue already has piping installed for traditional lights... we used our Pipe Clamp to hold two Angle Lights each. The lights were then lifted to the ceiling by connecting the clamp to our magnetic mounting pole. Without ladders or lifts we installed this entire system to light 15 tables in 15 minutes. It gets better...The Focus Head tool also connects to our magnetic mounting pole, allowing us to reach each fixture to do all the focusing. This is the beauty of our Multi Tool System... absolutely amazing to watch! And the load-out... 15 minutes.


This is the event above... Even in day-light the centerpieces pop with a warm glow.



This venue has a balcony that spans over three walls of the space. The balcony has this nice railing which just so happens to be made from steel. We are showing two ways of attaching... a direct magnetic connection to the railing, or with a magnetic connection to our Pipe Clamp that locks to the railing. The clamp would only be used if needed in certain circumstances. Set-up to highlight 20 tables... 30 minutes.


The event above once completed. Notice the lights on the railing? This now allows guests to walk around the balcony level without any need to be concerned about stands, power cable etc. Truly ground-breaking on every level!



This was a wedding where the ceremony was in one section of the ballroom and the reception in the next, separated by an air wall. 

We utilized one of the air wall tracks to mount a few Angle Lights in the center of the space. If you look very close you will see them along the track. The sole purpose was to highlight the center isle and draw the eye down the middle of the space. Try to imagine this scene without this simple lighting element... just not the same. Also, try to envision what it looked like as the bride walked down this isle and passed through each warm spot. Very romantic and dramatic.


Here is the reception following the ceremony above. Notice in this case we utilized some light stands as well as the air wall track to get the fixtures 16'-23' in the air.



This venue is unique since it is a historic library in Boston. It has bookshelves and huge rooms with tall ceilings. In this image you are seeing how we simply placed the Angle Light on the top of the bookshelf and side/down-lit the tall centerpieces you see below.


The centerpieces we were focusing the above Angle Lights on...


Here is a simple image showing the Angle Light sitting on a shelf. The fixture was designed with this unique shape for a purpose. The square shape, combined with it's back-to-front weight ratio, allows the fixture to be perfectly balanced while the light head extends over the edge ready to be focused. 



Image of earlier prototype version... This venue has columns along the center line of the space. It just so happens that along the top of each column, as well as the top of each window treatment is this handy ledge. The Angle Light fits perfect on this type of ledge, doing away with the heavy and bulky stands

And here is a wide angle showing the centerpieces with the column in the background.


Showing once again our prototype version... This venue has a balcony on one side, and a door ledge on the other at the same heights. That allowed us to place fixtures at the same angle and distance from the tables on each side of the room. The fixtures were held on with a 3M Command Strip to insure an accidental bump would not knock it off the ledge.

The other side of the room had this door way with ledge...

And here is a wide view of one side of the room...


Here is a venue that we had to add some lighting along a stair case for safety reasons. Notice again how it just sits there along the same line as a votive candle.



And here is a front shot... The beams seem narrow due to how the camera captures it, but in a darkened room the entire staircase appeared highlighted due to reflection.




Check back often for more images, we will continue to add to this page.