FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module

FUEL Bulb & Power-Link Module



Please Note - The FUEL Bulb is a custom LED Bulb that is designed specifically to connect with our Power-Link ONE System. If this is your first time buying this system you will need 4 separate components to complete your system.

Steps to ordering the right Power-Link/Bulb Combination


Step One - Choose Power-Link Size... 

1. Power-Link "ONE" - Perfect for small to large Chandeliers. This powerful system can output 2100ma of power which is distributed over the series of FUEL Bulbs in your chandelier. Since the Power-Link unit can be dimmed, it can be used in all size chandeliers but it is recommended for chandeliers with 6 or more Bulbs.

Important Tech Notes... 

-  Power-Link units CANNOT power any traditional Bulbs you can buy at the store

-  Due to the high output power, you should take care not to over-drive the FUEL bulb if using less than 6 in any chandelier. When using less than 6 Bulbs, you should dim the unit to 70% or lower to prevent damage to the bulbs.

-  When powering any amount of FUEL Bulbs in a single chandelier at full Intensity, the runtime is 10 hours. 

-  As a brightness comparison - If you power a 6 Bulb Chandelier at full intensity, it is equivalent to six 35 watt incandescent filament bulbs.

-  The Power-Link is a 14v system and will need its own charger to recharge the internal Lithium Battery. 

-  The same remote system that controls all of our fixtures can be used.

-  As a reference, we installed two 6 Bulb Chandeliers in a 20x40 tent. At full brightness it was very bright… well beyond any normal light level you would ever need when creating an elegant atmosphere. The chandeliers were dimmed to 25 for first dance, and then 10% for dancing, and were only brought back to full when we were asked by management to brighten the room at the end of the night.

-  Dimensions - 6.25" long x 3" wide. Weight - 2.6 pounds. (42 ounces )


2. Power-Link "Mini" - Perfect for smaller chandeliers with 8 bulbs or less, this unique power control module outputs 700ma of power which is distributed over the series of FUEL Bulbs in your chandelier. It is a great cost effective system when your power needs and chandeliers are smaller or you are looking for a softer less bright output from each bulb.

Tech Notes...

- The Power-Link "Mini" is not generally recommended for larger chandeliers that have 9 or more bulbs. Technically, it would not harm the Power-Link unit to connect to more bulbs, but the output per bulb will be diminished to the point that it is not effective in certain cases where a lot of light is needed from a single chandelier.

-  Brightness comparison - If you power a 3 Bulb Chandelier the brightness would be equivalent to three 20 watt incandescent filament bulbs.

- Run time when powering any number of FUEL Bulbs at "full" intensity is 7.5 hours. 

-  If you were attempting to create a soft glow the "mini" would work great with chandeliers with as many as 8 bulbs. The soft glow would mimic a dimmed incandescent chandelier.

-  If your design has multiple chandeliers, it may be more cost effective to use all Power-Link "Mini' Units due to the collective brightness. The Power-Link "ONE" may be too bright for many design needs, making the Mini a much more compact and cost effective option.

-  Experimentation in a dark setting is critical in determining your needs and how effective the Power-LInk "Mini" will be in each of your chandelier sizes.

-  Dimensions - 3.75" x 3.0", Weight - 1.6 pounds. (26 ounces)


Step Two - Choose your Bulb Quantity

- Count the amount of bulbs you will need for your chandeliers or series of chandeliers.

Step Three - Battery Chargers

- If you buy a kit the charger is included, but if you buy multiple Power-Link units you can choose to buy less chargers to save you money. So for example, you may already own our WASH fixture which utilizes the same charger so none are needed, or you may only need 1 if you have only 2 units since you can simply charge one after another.

Step Four - Remote Control

- Super IR highly recommended! If you already own some of our other systems you may not need to purchase additional remotes, but we offer 2 systems… Standard IR and Super IR. Super IR is a new level of IR remote that emits a much more powerful IR beam. This more powerful beam can reach further distances as well as penetrate materials to reach the IR sensor on the Power-Link. For example, when hanging a chandelier you may cover the chain with a white sleeve. This sleeve will block some of the IR signal,  so the extra power of the Super IR is very helpful at controlling your chandeliers from reasonable distances away.


A Note On Charging System Options

We have 2 levels of chargers, "Standard" and "Fast", available to help streamline your work flow.


This product is available with the Power Link ONE and Power Link Mini Body.The standard charger is capable of charging the PL Mini Body in approx. 5 hours. The PL ONE Body would take 10 hours with the standard charger, or 5 with the FAST Charger.

All FUEL products are designed to work together in terms of recharge times. If your goal is to have all of your FUEL systems recharge in the same 4-5 hours then you would need the FAST charger with the Power Link ONE Body to maintain that workflow. The "Standard" charger does in-fact work great with the PL ONE Body, it is simply slower.

NOTE!! We do not recommend the FAST charger for the Power Link Mini Body. While this charger is not harmful to this fixture and will in fact charge it, the FAST charger does not provide an optimal full charge or maximum runtime performance for this fixture.This is why the standard charger is the recommended charger for the Power Link Mini Body.