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The FUEL Profile "M"… Introducing the Industries first battery powered, dimmable, remote control image projector... and now fully Modular!

The Profile "M" is compact, powerful and very user friendly. It comes in 2 sizes and has multiple light head components available that make this new system the Designers choice for texture and image projection in any event setting.

How to Order....

 You can order as  a System "KIT" or as separate components. The System Kit consists of the following..

- 6.5 or 10 Hour Profile w/16degree Lens

- 14 Volt Standard Charger

- Gobo Holder

- Framing Shutters

- Variable Diffuser

- Color-Tuning Filter Pack

- Standard IR Remote


Here are some of the key features that make the new FUEL Profile "M" unique...

1. FULLY Modular 

You can build your system the way you want by choosing your battery size, and light output color... 3000K or 5000K. Light Heads attach magnetically to make for a fast tool free workflow.

2. 6.5 or 10 Hour Runtime 

The Profile can be ordered in 2 battery configurations, 6.5 and 10 hour run-time ( Run-time is based on running the fixture at Full Intensity )

Two great options, equal reliability... Battery power and reliability was an absolute top priority, so as with all FUEL products the Lithium Battery System is custom designed to be super durable. We understand the critical need for our battery systems to work, so we went above and beyond to insure it does exactly what we expect it to do.

3.  Smooth Dimming down to 2% Intensity

With the Profile "M" you have the ability to dim the output to 10 different intensity settings giving you control over how soft or bright light is projected. This is a critical Designer Level feature is essential to creating softly textured settings that are more abstract and layered rather than simply bright or dim.

4. Very Compact and Light Weight -

The Profile is a sleek, modern spotlight that is only 12" long with the compact 6.5 hour Lithium Battery, and 15" Long with the full size battery.

Small and discreet enough to blend into ceilings, the Profile is in a class of its own in terms of design, power and how it looks installed into any space.

5. 4 Modular Head/Light Output Options

The way life should be.. The FUEL Modular System gives you the ability to swap light heads making this a very versatile lighting system that can adapt to what YOU need, not you adapt to it. 

Giving you choices in terms of how you use the system and how you invest and grow with the system is the ultimate and best way to grow as a company and as a Designer. 

TWO Profile Head Choices... 3000K and 5000K Light Output options, allow you to project a whole different "look" at each event. From crisp white to warm incandescent white that mimics a traditional Source Four, is just a quick light-head switch away.

DESIGN NOTE ... The Profile "M" is part of our Power-Link Modular System. You also have the option to add our powerful "SuperSpot" Light Heads to your order that allow you to convert your Profile Image Projector to a very Powerful ( 300watt equivalent ) Soft Spotlight.

6. Unique "YOKE" Mounting System

So innovative, even the YOKE is Modular. The Profile was meant to blend into any setting imaginable. The Yoke system we developed allows you to connect your fixture to a ceiling, pipe or directly to a stand with ease and elegance. 

This unique Yoke allows for easy connection to a micro C-Clamp, or you can attach our FUEL Cross-Mag making for a fast magnetic connection directly to steel beams. If you already own industry standard light stands with baby-pin adapters you can remove the top of the Yoke and mount your Profile "M"  directly onto the stand tip.

7. FUEL Variable Diffuser

The FUEL Variable Diffuser takes advantage of the sliding rails used to focus the image. The Variable Diffuser is easily snapped in place at the exact position needed,  giving you ultimate control over how soft and abstract a pattern is when projected.

8. Framing Shutters

When details matter, you need to frame your work. These  small framing shutters magnetically attach to the fixture housing giving you the instant ability to frame your beam to match everything from a podium to a work of art.

9. Color Filters

We carefully chose a series of 9 soft colors from the LEE filter collection, and created the FUEL "Color-Tuning" Pack. 

This custom filter pack is a great start to experimenting with color, whether its a soft amber texture you desire, or its that perfect soft pink that will compliment the event colors… you can easily add just the right amount of color when needed. Custom colors beyond our Color-Tuning Pack are available by request.

10. Gobo Size

The Profile utilizes a standard "E" size metal, glass or plastic gobo which can be ordered from your favorite gobo manufacturer.

11. Multiple Charging Options

We have 2 levels of chargers, "Standard" and "Fast",  available to help streamline your work flow.

The Profile comes in 6.5 and 10 hour versions. The standard charger is capable of charging the 6.5 hour version in approx. 5 hours. The 10 hour version would take 10 hours with the standard charger, or 5 with the FAST Charger.

All FUEL products are designed to work together in terms of recharge times. If your goal is to have all of your FUEL systems recharge in the same 4-5 hours then you would need the FAST charger with the 10 hour Profile to maintain that workflow. The "Standard" charger does in-fact work great with the larger battery, it is simply slower.

NOTE!! We do not recommend the FAST charger for the 6.5 hour Profile. While this charger is not harmful to this fixture and will in fact charge it, the FAST charger does not provide an optimal full charge or maximum runtime performance for this fixture. This is why the the standard charger is the recommended charger for the 6 hour Profile Fixture.

12. Bright & Even Light Field

If you are utilizing the Profile to add texture to tent surfaces, white dance floors and walls of venues, we believe you will be surprised how effective and beautiful the beam is. 

A surprisingly bright fixture with great optics.. The Profile "M" allows for beautifully textured designs that can be installed in minutes not hours.

Utilizing the newest CREE LED's, the 3000K or 5000K outputs options are perfect for projecting everything from Corporate Logos to Soft Texture.


General Specs…

Dimensions -

6.5 Hour Version 12" x 3"  ( Fully Assembled with Power-Link MINI Battery )

10 Hour Version 14.5" x 3" (Fully assembled with Power-Link ONE Battery )

Weight -

6.5 Hour Version 4.5 Pounds

10 Hour Version 5.5 Pounds

Run-Time -

Both the 6.5 and 10 Hour Versions can run at full intensity for the stated period of time.

Recharge Cycles-

All FUEL products utilize the highest grade Lithium Battery Systems available. You should expect with proper maintenance, care and understanding of your system, to get years of use from your system.

Surface Finishes

Both Profile versions are coated with a durable white powder coat finish. 

Optics -

16 ( standard), optional 24 and 50 degree lens options.


All FUEL products share the same control system. You can purchase either a "Standard" or "Super" IR Expanded Dimming Remote, or if you have already invested in our systems you can utilize the same remote you already have.

NOTE!! - You do not need a remote to simply turn on the fixture. Direct access to different intensities are controlled via the rotary switch on the back of the fixture.


If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us to ensure you configure your system to best fit your needs.