Angle Light Pipe Clip

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This unique Pipe & Drape Clip Plate was designed for the Special Event and Trade Show Industries where a clean beautiful appearance is as critical as speed of installation and removal of the system.

The Angle Light System was designed for speed incorporating a super powerful magnetic allowing a tool free connection to any steel surface. Your ability to quickly attach Angles Lights to the surface of the clip plate, and then "snap" the plate onto the pipe is nothing short of astounding. The simplicity and speed of set-up, not to mention the ability to move them, slide them, or reposition with within seconds is a game changer in terms of versatility.

Construction - Each clamp is made of solid steel and is finished with a special textured silver powerd-coat. The steel plate allows for such a strong connection to our Angle Light that it will feel bolted on. The textured powder coat surface allows the magnet to grip even more, resisting any horizontal sliding that could occur from pushing the fixture sideways.The clips are made of spring steel and have a nylon coating that protects the surface of pipes.

It doesn't get any easier than this... Your ability to effortlesly "clip" the Angle Light onto a stand, rotate to the desired position, and then adjust the head position to the exact point you want to highlight, makes this one of the fastest and easiest light systems to set-up and focus ever developed. It really is that easy, and at the end of the night simply detach and pack. Within minutes you will be ready to go.


Specs/Options -

Single Light Plate - 1.75" x 1.75" (one clip)


Two Light Plate - 1.75" x 7" (one clip)


3 Light Plate - 1.75" x 10" ( two clips)