Air Wall Track Clamp


This custom air wall clamp is designed to quickly and easily mount 2-4 of our spot light fixtures ( Angle Light & Angle Light WASH ). This unique clamp has a special wing on the back that tightens down on the faceplate of commonly used air wall tracks in many of the major hotels.

It is adjustable to adapt to different thicknesses of faceplates and, with a special order, can be customized further if you need a particular shape or design.



 SPECIAL INSTALLATION NOTE - This clamp is designed to work with our Multi-Tool Pole. The steel handle magnetically attaches to the tip of our Multi-Tool Pole allowing you to raise 2-4 fixtures, from ground level, to a track up to 20' up.

This truly amazing new capability is not only a great time saver since you can install many lights in minutes, it is also much safer for personnel since it eliminates ladders and lifts, which also makes this a money saving system.